"What is past is prologue."
- Author Unknown
"I shall not pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to my human being, let me do it now. For I shall not pass this way again."
- Stephen Grellett

Welcome to the Fouch-Fouche-Foutch Family Website

We are excited about the launching of the Fouch-Fouche-Foutch Family website. This truly brings us into the 21st Century cataloguing our family's history so all family members have access to years of research, and a means of sharing too. We are grateful to the scores of cousins who have taken the time to send us their information. Many are listed on the last page of the first newsletter.

The success of the website depends on family members helping us to expand its information. In the past many of you "snail mailed" copies of your research to me. Unfortunately, the volumes of information you sent make it difficult to scan and insert on the web pages. I hope that you will contact us through this website and forward your family research to us via email. It would be helpful also if you would cite your sources on the research pages.

Our American ancestors were dedicated and hardworking. Most of them in the 18th and 19th centuries were farmers, but many devoted a lifetime to public service, yes, politicians, and the military. Some were physicians, lawyers and clergymen. There were strong women who raised large families under unbelievably adverse conditions. Life in the early days of our country was full of peril, but also of unparalleled opportunity. They all had a role in growing our wonderful Nation. This website and all its family research is dedicated to them.

Lourene Criddle
Family Historian

Reunion for the Descendants

150th Anniversary of the Muster

of the Independent Loudoun County Rangers

The only Union outfit to be mustered in confederate Virginia

June 23, 2012

Waterford, Virginia

The Huguenot Cross

The Huguenot Cross (far right) is a symbol of Protestant Christianity. A version of this was adopted by many Huguenots even before the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and in its present form is regarded by many as the insignia of the descendants of the Huguenots who fled France during the persecution. It is a variation of the cross worn by the Knights of Malta. The pendant dove signifies the Holy Spirit.


The Fouch-Fouche-Foutch Family Progenitor

The progenitor of many of us in the family was Hugh Fouch(e), who spent most of his life in Loudoun County, VA. Born in America in 1696, he married Mary Perkins (Parkins) of Bucks Co, PA about 1720. It hasn't been established whether they were married in Virginia or Pennsylvania.

Isaac Fouch(e) was the firstborn of Hugh and Mary Perkins' children. He married Mary McDowell, and together they had twelve children. Although their marriage record has not been found, their first child, Thomas, was born in 1755. Isaac was 34 years of age and Mary was eighteen.

Perhaps the most special document found in our research is the Bible started by Mary McDowell Fouch. The flyleaf is dated 1793, about the time of Isaac's death. The Bible is now in the possession of Donna Bell, a descendant of Isaac's grandson, William.

Shortly after his mother's death Thomas Fouch wrote: "Our Ancestors were French Protestants. They fled from Britannia in France, after the Revocation of Nantes by Louis the XIV. The Family name was de la Fouche. Hugh Fouch was born in America about the year 1696 and departed this life the 29th of Sept. 1780. (He married Mary Perkins, her Family resided in Bucks County, Pennsylvania) Their first Son, Isaac Fouch, was married to Miss Mary McDowell, whose Parents were from Armagh in Ireland, they were Protestants. I remember her Grandmother, Mrs. Mary Varnor, she lived to the age of more than 90 years, and never wore Spectacles. She read much, and taught many children to read, one which was my Wife's Mother.

Isaac Fouch, Sen. departed this life the 17 day of July 1794. Age 73 years. Mary Fouch, his widow, departed this life the 30th of Sept. 1824, Aged 87 years.

(Signed) Thomas Fouch
October 24, 1824



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